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Diane Hoffman-Lacombe

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Diane Hoffman-Lacombe
Représentante, Ville d'Ottawa
With bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology from the University of Ottawa, Diane Hoffman-Lacombe worked for over 38 years as a clinical and forensic psychologist at the Royal Mental Health Centre (The Royal). Throughout her career, she worked on the front line, providing specialized psychological services for assessment and treatment of people with mental illnesses who have come into conflict with the criminal justice system, under the Integrated Forensic Program. This experience enabled her to develop special knowledge of the challenges faced by Francophones wishing to receive mental health and justice services in French.
Now retired, Ms. Mme Hoffman-Lacombe is committed to promoting French language health services, an important issue for her as a family caregiver and client of the health system.
A native of Hawkesbury, Diane Hoffman-Lacombe now lives in Orléans with her spouse. She is the mother of two and the grandmother of 3 grandchildren
. A keen reader, she also practises yoga and likes to travel.