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Data for Planning

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What purpose does data serve?

Ontario planners and decision-makers have access to a large quantity of data to help them make informed decisions about the health services offered to the public.

This data provides valuable information on the health status of and use of health services by Ontarians.
Health data provides:
  • High-quality information on the health of Ontarians
  • A more accurate picture of individuals’ health needs
  • Indicators for effectively and quantifiably responding to these health needs

The challenge

Currently, information on the health of the province’s Francophones is practically non-existent.

In fact, little or none of the information currently used by the health-care system documents the health status or services offered to Ontario’s Francophones.

For example, decision-makers cannot answer the following questions:
  • How many Francophones in Ontario have a family doctor? A doctor who speaks French?
  • Are there any illnesses that are more prevalent among Francophones?
  • Do Francophones wait longer for diagnostic imaging, surgery, long-term care, or emergency services?
  • What is the average length of hospital stays for Francophones compared to that of the general population?
  • Have more or fewer Francophones received home care?
  • Is the hospital readmission rate higher among Francophones?

The lack of data on Francophone health is problematic. It makes it difficult to analyze the health needs of Francophone individuals and communities, and it hampers the development of health services that meet these needs.

Our goal

Data on Francophone health needs and use of health services is essential to proper French-language health service planning.
To obtain high-quality health data that will allow for sound planning of French-language health services will require the collaboration of a number of partners, to which we are committed.

Our primary goal at this time is to ensure that patients’ linguistic identity is captured systematically, and then reflected in health databases.

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