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Planning Health-Care Services

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Our Approach
Since 2010, the Réseau has advised the LHINs on regional planning, with a particular focus on the offer of French-language health services.
Our role as advisor is a very dynamic one. It enables us to work at various levels of the healthcare system to strengthen the offer of French-language services. Most importantly, it enables us, in collaboration with the LHIN, to promote the necessary means to ensure that the Francophone community receives accessible health services tailored to its needs.
Our planning approach is focused on healthcare system and stakeholder accountability and incorporates four elements:
  1. Giving the community a role in identifying needs and planning French-language health services.
  2. Generating data to support French-language health service planning.
  3. Supporting designation as a mechanism for planning and delivering French-language health services.
  4. Empowering system stakeholders to fulfill their responsibilities regarding French-language services.

We engage with our community to improve planning. Why?
  • To hear directly from Francophone patients and their families about their experiences.
  • To better understand the health service needs of Francophones.
  • To ensure that the healthcare system meets the needs of Francophones.
  • To involve Francophones in the improvement of their own health.
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The Réseau needs reliable and accurate data to support its planning work. Data enables us to:
  • Better understand the health status of Francophones.
  • Monitor the use of health services by Francophones.
  • Determine whether the healthcare system is able to meet the needs identified by the Francophone community.
  • Plan the organization of health services in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Make well informed decisions about French-language health services.
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We support healthcare providers through their designation process. Along with the Champlain and South East LHINs, we provide designation recommendations to:
  • Meet the needs of Francophone patients.
  • Improve access to care and patient experience for Francophones.
  • Plan for an active, permanent and guaranteed offer of French-language services within healthcare agencies and throughout the local healthcare system.
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We work with healthcare providers as well as other key stakeholders to improve data and frameworks. How does this approach promote accountability toward French-language services?
  • By integrating the Francophone perspective at all the planning stages of new healthcare initiatives.
  • By strengthening organizations’ French-language service capacities.
  • By guaranteeing the continuity and evaluation of French-language services throughout the healthcare system.