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Phone: 613-747-7431
Toll-free: 1-877-528-7565
Email: reseau@rssfe.on.ca

Mailing Address:
1173 Cyrville Road, PO Box 300
Ottawa (Ontario) K1J 7S6


Jacinthe Desaulniers

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Phone: 613-219-1670

Saïkou Junior Diallo

Office Manager
613-747-7431, poste 207

Sarah Kiobola

Administrative Assistant
613-747-7431, poste 200 

Zaynab Idrissi
Head of Communications
Phone: 613-806-6749

Pascaline Busanga
Communication Officer 


Planning and Community Engagement

Joëlle Plourde

Interim director of planning
Phone: : 613-281-0180

Jeannine Proulx
Head of Community Engagement
613-747-7431, poste 214

Jessica Deschênes Cervantes - on maternity leave
Planning and community engagement officer
613-747-7431, poste 203

Michelle Goulet
Planning and community engagement officer
Phone: 613-808-2296

Allan Katz
Special Advisor 
Phone: : 613-329-5194

Marie-Christine Ranger
Planning and community engagement officer
Phone: 613-312-7085 

Myriam Taillon 
Planning and community engagement officer
Phone :​ 613-355-9857

OZi Team 

Normand Glaude
Chief Operating Officer
613-747-1984, poste 201

Sarah Kiobola
Technical Assistant
613-747-1984, poste 220