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Our Vision

The Réseau plays a leadership role so that Francophones may live healthy lives in French!

Our Mission

The Réseau is a Francophone organization that engages the Francophone community in all its diversity and the healthcare system to improve access to a continuum of quality healthcare services actively offered in French.
Our Values
  • Collaboration
  • Excellence
  • Diversity
  • Respect
  • Perseverance
Organizational aspiration 2026

The Réseau is the expert advisor to the healthcare system as well as an essential partner in French-language health services planning for Eastern Ontario.

In the context of perpetual transformation of healthcare services in Ontario, the Réseau develops an evolving reference framework to be used as the basis for our work. This framework:

• Promotes the development of innovations in French-language health services;
• Establishes benchmarks to guide the Réseau’s work; and
• Ensures consolidation and development of French-language health services in Eastern Ontario.

Strategic Orientations
  • Advise the healthcare system and guide its decision making to develop more integrated continuum of French-language health services adapted to the needs of Francophone communities across Eastern Ontario.
  • Use and apply evidence base data to identify and take advantage of innovative solutions, in particular by developing solid recommendations for the organization and delivery of French-language health services in Eastern Ontario.
  • Bring the Réseau’s influence to bear – through informed and constructive dialogue with key stakeholders as well as through the mobilization of francophone communities – with the objective of improving access to French-language health services across Eastern Ontario.
  • Strengthen the Réseau’s knowledge and skills and grow the resources it needs to adapt, act consistently, and be successful in a complex, rapidly evolving environment.

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