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Our Vision

The Réseau plays a leadership role so that Francophones may live healthy lives in French.

Our Mission

The Réseau is a Francophone organization that engages the Francophone community in all its diversity and the healthcare community to improve the active offer and the access to a continuum of quality health care services in French.
Our Values
  • Collaboration
  • Excellence
  • Inclusion
  • Respect
  • Perseverance
Organizational aspiration 2021

Partner in the transformation of the healthcare system, the Réseau shapes the active offer and strategies to improve access to French-language health services. The Réseau monitors the implementation of these strategies and contributes to viable solutions to provide high-quality French-language health services.

Strategic Orientations
  • Produce meaningful data, in partnership, and incorporate it into solid rationales and the demonstration of measurable results
  • Intervene upstream in change initiatives related to healthcare system transformation to guide French language service planning
  • Expand our sphere of influence through collaboration with new partners
  • Engage with Francophone communities to guarantee their participation in the healthcare system by implementing an engagement model tailored to them
  • Communicate practical and useful information that will empower Francophones to take charge of their own health and to more easily access high-quality French language health services

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