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As part of our 2016-2021 strategic planning exercise, the Francophone community has expressed a need: to learn more about health services offered in French in Eastern and South Eastern Ontario. The Réseau has therefore undertaken to “map” these services, including through this annual report featuring our corporate members. We invite you to discover these 73 organizations that offer or plan to offer French-language services. They also collaborate with the Réseau to promote access. Enjoy browsing this website and don’t hesitate to click to learn more!

We will be hosting a community event on access to services, in partnership with the Réseau.
We are pleased to become a Réseau corporate member!
We have submitted a designation plan in 2016-2017.
The health care system is undergoing a major transformation. Will I still be able to access the services I need?
I want to support the Réseau. How can I become an individual member?
Why does evidence-based data matter?
Some health care providers are designated agencies. What is French-language designation?
I would like to do more! How can I get involved in my community?