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“The role of builder and catalyst that you have been playing since your arrival on the scene is absolutely fundamental to the development of French language healthcare.”

Honourable Madeleine Meilleur
Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs
Réseau’s AGM – May 2007

Since 1998, our Réseau has been a dynamic example of participation by the Francophone community in the health care system.

We have:

  •  Established a French health network in Eastern Ontario, i.e. a focal point for health information and collaboration benefiting the region’s Francophones;

  • Made our partners more aware of access to French language health services and brought them together around this issue;

  • Developed close relations with regional and provincial authorities;

  • Helped build synergy among the French language health networks in Ontario and across the country.

  • The measure of the Réseau’s success has been its ability to:
  • Engage its community;

  • Encourage reflection on Francophones’ access to health services and on the characteristics of quality French language health services;

  • Recommend and support the implementation of effective approaches and initiatives promoting access to health services;

  • Advance French language health service priorities from the perspective of the Francophone community’s overall needs and the delivery models tailored to these needs;

  • Support the planning of health services in the region and province.


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