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Our Réseau has been collaborating with regional and provincial health authorities since 1998 in planning access to French language health services in Eastern Ontario.

The recognition in 2010 of the Réseau as the French language health service planning entity for the Champlain and South East regions by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has fostered closer ties with health authorities.

Local Health Integration Networks (LHIN)

The LHINs are the regional health authority that plan, coordinate and fund most of the health services in the different regions of Ontario.

Under its mandate as French-language Health Planning Entity, the Réseau advises the Champlain LHIN and South-East LHIN on all health issues affecting the Fracophone community in the region.

Consult the Réseau's 2013 Recommendations Report

This mandate involves partnering on the following issues, established by means of regulation on January 1st, 2010:

a) Means of engaging the Francophone community within the catchment area;
b) The health care needs and priorities of the Francophone community (and especially its component groups) wihin the catchment area;
c) The availabity of health care services to the Francophone community within the catchment area;
d) The identification and designation of health care providers to deliver French language health services within the catchment area;
e) Strategies to improve access to French language health services and to integrate them into the local health care system;
f) The planning and integration of health services within the catchment area

The Réseau, the Champlain LHIN and the South-East LHIN signed a Funding and Accountability Agreement in 2011.

The LHIN-Réseau liaison committee on French-language services in Eastern Ontario is made up of members of each partner's Board of Directors and management.  The purpose of the committee is to oversee the implementation of the Agreement.

The 3 partners' Joint Action Plan 2014-2015 includes 5 objectives:

  1. Improve quality of data for better planning healt-care services in French
  2. Strengthen Francophones’ participation in health service planning
  3. Integrate Francophone perspective in regards to planning strategies and regionnal initiatives
  4. Improve the active offer of French-language health services
  5. Optimise and measure the impact of our actions on French-language health service

Société Santé en français (SSF)

The Société Santé en français is a national umbrella organization dedicated to promoting the development of the French Health Movement for Canada’s Francophone minority communities.

The SSF manages the funding envelopes provided by Health Canada for official language minority communities. These envelopes are part of the Government of Canada’s broader effort to support the vitality of linguistic communities.

The Réseau is a member and key partner of the SSF in Eastern Ontario and has been receiving technical and financial support from the Société since 2003.